Workplace Well-being Charter

Mindfulness and the Workplace Well-being Charter

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is a statement of intent, showing your commitment to the health of the people who work for you or your organisation. Any organisation can apply to achieve the award.

The Charter focuses on three key areas mainly related to leadership, culture and communication. Any small action you take to improve the health of your members of staff will make a big difference. The butterfly effect on health will spread across your departments and everybody will feel more involved in achieving the award.

There are three levels:



Standards all organisations should meet; putting the building blocks in place.



                                       Actively encouraging positive lifestyle choices and addressing health issues.



Fully engaged leadership with a range of programmes and support mechanisms.

One day of training in Mindfulness will help your organisation achieve any of the levels of the award. Through Mindfulness you can talk about different health matters. Everybody will be willing to collaborate in creating an action plan to improve health and well-being across all the departments in your organisation.

Besides, the advantages of practising Mindfulness are many, but two are mainly important to your organisation: it increases the focal and awareness attention and develops the right neurological pathways to make us feel happy.

I am offering a Mindfulness session called ‘Your Inner Sound Mindfulness Group’ to your organisation. These sessions are aimed at people who find it challenging to meditate, find it difficult to be still or to keep the mind focused on one thought. It only takes one session to learn it, but many days of practising and perseverance which will help to build up your strategies for conflict resolution, creativity and innovation.

There are researchers showing how Mindfulness can improve our feelings of happiness. Happier workforce means more productivity and a healthy organisational culture. I have given a talk on this subject at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

Take advantage of my expertise and help your members of staff get involved in achieving the award in a nice and friendly way.


My article on Mindfulness in the Spanish News Paper El Ibérico

Interested individuals, you can follow my sessions through Eventbright


Georgina Holding

“The mindfulness session was interesting and is something I would like to continue with Nerea. I have had hypnotherapy sessions with her too and I am learning the right tools for dealing with my anxieties, she has a calming nature and will help to bring out your confident side”

My certificates

A part of my training as a clinical hypnotherapist I have done a Diploma course on Mindfulness.