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This article suggests the reasons behind some writer’s timeless quality, why their work is endlessly read and re-read, while others fall into oblivion. We come to the conclusion that these writers are hypnotic writers. Hypnotic writing is full of metaphors and this article states the importance of Joyce and Crowley’s research on the three levels of communications in metaphors. Their proposal throws some light on the reasons behind these timeless writers in literature.

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On Mindfulness:

George Hold

“The mindfulness session was interesting, and is something I would like to continue with  Nerea. I have had hypnotherapy sessions with her too and I am learning the right tools for dealing with my anxieties, she has a calming nature and will help to bring out your confident side”

On coaching:


“At the beginning of my coaching session Nerea immediately put me at ease, and I found her very warm and easy to open up to. I had some issues around social confidence and also around my own projects I was working on. I felt she understood my issues very well and easily got what I was trying to express. After working on these issues I finished feeling very optimistic about my path forward, and with some clearly defined action steps to take which I’m already making my way through. I highly recommend Nerea if you’re thinking of coaching, you will not be disappointed. Thanks again Nerea.”

New Year’s resolutions in Méliès’ cinema.

George Méliès was a veritable one-man band, devoted to the magic of cinema and fantasy. He built the first movie set and promoted film production and distribution. He also worked as a writer, actor and director. Méliès took the French population to a trip to the Moon.

Follow the footsteps of Méliès by combining your imagination and your NLP skills and take your mind to the cinema where you are the writer, actor and director of the new resolutions for this New Year 2016.

Just follow these instructions:

  1. By a ticket and get into the cinema.
  2. Sit down and enjoy the film directed by you. See your name in the title as a director and as an actor.
  3. See yourself doing and achieving your goals in the near future.
  4. Pay attention to the small details -as a good director does. Focus in the time frame you are achieving your New Year resolutions; how specific are they?
  5. Is it your goal achievable?
  6. Can you see yourself doing the action to achieve that goal in small motion?

If Méliès could make a film with 10 actors and some extras in four months in 1902, then imagen what you can do with your inner resources right now.  Convince yourself of your success as he was.

I wish you all the best for this New Year 2016