About listen2Earn

About Listen2Earn

We communicate because…

We like…

  • Small talk on how to build binding relationships – phatic communication.
  • Venting emotions that have been building up – cathartic communication.
  • Interchange of information – data communication.
  • Persuading others – persuasive communication.
  • Entertainment – pleasure communication.

Now I would like you to think about how many times your organisation, company or/and department has  redone something due to a verbal misunderstanding?

Secondly, I would like you to think is your message as an individual is the same or similar to the organisation’s vision? neither you or your organisation has a vision?…then you need Listen2£Earn

Listen2£Earn is a training seminar in listening skills.

This seminar not only cover how to be an active listener, but also how to  improve the alignment of your members of staff with the organisation’s vision and goals.

The layout of the training follows  A.S.K

A.S.K is an acronym

A for attitude and awareness.

S for skills, socialisation and solving problems.

K for knowledge and keep practising (your listening skills).

Benefits for your organisation

Your organisation will increase its culture of

  • Empowerment.
  • Assertiveness and team-work.

Managers will be better team players by allowing others to contribute in meetings. They will also learn how to empower others by listening.

Directors will become better leaders by listening 51% of the communication process. They are able to spot the information that it is useful to the organisation. They will also learn how to delegate in an effective and productive away.

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