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Let me tell you a bit about me!

I was born in The Basque Country (Spain).When I came to London many years ago I was already a highly qualified teacher. I had worked in the education sector for several years. While I was getting divorced, because I was still breastfeeding, I tried a hypnotherapy session for insomnia. It worked wonders! So a few years later I decided to train as a clinical hypnotherapist and a Master practitioner of NLP. In the last nine years I have been helping people with my therapeutic skills ( and it is very rewarding when your client leaves your therapy room achieving their goals. Now, I would like to take my skills further and work in corporate training as a personal development facilitator. I am interested in helping people improve their listening skills in the corporate world. Companies lose a lot of money from human error and the great majority of these errors are due to misunderstanding in receiving and interpreting the verbal message.

My experience can be an assets to your company or workplace, but if you feel a bit anxious about having me in your organisation, then you can try one of my online courses first.

I am creating online courses for you to develop your leadership skills further.

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If you are interested in this field and want to know more you have the opportunity to have a look at my book. Click on the imageamazon book paper